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Redevelopment of an apartment in Almaty. Construction permit.

 Redevelopment of an apartments in Almaty consists from a lot of steps. Legislatevely flats reconstructions devided into two groups, simplified and complicated.

      Simplified reconstruction requires: sketch project and seismic conclusion. Then Final registered document will be commissioning certificate. Registration must be approved in Department of Justice and Department of Urban planning and urbanism of the city. 

      Complicated reconstruction requires: sketch project, seismic conclusion, reconstruction permit from government agency of Urban planning and urbanism of city, notification of the beginning of construction and installation work from government agency Urban planning control, commission certificate registration in government agency of Urban planning and urbanism, commission certificate registration in Department of Justice. 

 LA partners can take responsibility, for providing you services of building permission in best terms. From construction licence for private house to commercial objects in Almaty.

 Administrative offenses code in Kazakhstan is rigid, consult before building.