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Build commercial premises are needed on land with an appropriate purpose. (see the classifier of targeted purposes). The most universal purpose of land for the construction of a non-residential property is - "to serve the population". This type of appointment is suitable for almost all types of commercial activities

Before starting construction, it is necessary to receive a notice of the start of construction and installation work, which indicates the dates for the start and end of construction. You need to meet the deadline. In case of delay, it is necessary to extend the deadlines and additionally update the notification.

Initially, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to the development of a draft design, since it is necessary to avoid errors in areas

Construction must be carried out by a construction company licensed to carry out construction and installation work of the 2nd category. The categories for construction companies go from the 3 easiest level of responsibility to 1, respectively, the highest.

Until 2016, it was necessary for the state commission to obtain approval from the department of social protection, for this it was necessary to take into account the provision of access for people with disabilities and other people with disabilities.

We recommend building entrance groups with wheelchair ramps, and laying a tactile board on the approach path. Changes to the legal framework can be made at any time and reconstruction can take a lot of money.

List of necessary actions to obtain a construction permit:

1. Purchase a plot in accordance with the classifier of target purposes of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

2. Make a topographic survey (with red lines and registration with the Department of Urbanism and Urban Planning). 

3. EDS production (electronic digital signature) 

4. Specifications (electrical energy, heat energy, water supply and sewerage) 

5. Production of a Draft Design, taking into account all building codes and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (Terms of reference, design assignment, 2 or 1 category of the license). 

6. Preparation of a working project. (2 or 1 category of license) 

7. Expertise of the project.

 8. Also need to obtain written approval from the SES, or from the BABi, in cases where the site is located in the sanitary zone (cemetery, water protection zone). 

9. By submitting documents via EDS, we send them to manufacture an APZ (Permission for construction) 

10. Agree on a draft design by signing an EDS.( Department of Urbanism and Urban Planning) 

11. Conclusion of an agreement with a construction company for the production of construction and installation work. (license category at least 2)

12. Conclusion of an agreement for the implementation of architectural supervision. (Category 2 license) 

13. Conclusion of an agreement for the implementation of technical supervision. (Category 2)

14. Development and production of the Notification of the beginning of construction and installation work.

15. Registration of notification of the beginning of construction and installation work. (Department of State Architectural Construction Control) 

16. Acts of work performed (construction company, designer and technical supervision).

 17. Development and production of the Act of commissioning by the owner independently. 

18. Registration of the Act of commissioning in government agency of urban planning control

 19. Registration of the Commissioning Act in the Department of Urbanism and Urban Planning. 

20. Registration of the act of commissioning in the Department of Justice. 

21. Order a technical passport. 

If you do not have the time and desire to collect documents yourself, you can always entrust this to us. We guarantee you a positive result. Real estate legalization is the main focus of our company.

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